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Call  today for an Irrigation System Evaluation and Maintenance Plan! 

Spring Startup

During Spring start-ups, the water supply will be connected.  Each sprinkler zone will be tested and adjusted for optimum coverage and efficiency.   Customer will be notified of any recommendations or needed repairs for the Season.  Startups begin around April 1st depending on the date of the last forecasted frost.

Fall Winterization "Blow-out"

Systems are typically winterized beginning in October and through December.  We recommend having this service completed by December 15th in Middle TN.  The backflow will be drained and the water supply turned off.  The majority of water will be blown from all lines using Compressed Air.  


Marking for Lawn Aeration

This service is highly recommended prior to Lawn Aeration.  A technician will run through each zone and flag all irrigation heads and valve boxes.  No adjustments will be made during this service.  

Service calls

Service calls are available throughout the Season to resolve any issue with your underground irrigation system.  There is a trip charge of $70 and that also covers the first 30 minutes of necessary time for repairs.  Additional time is billed thereafter.

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